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At SMOG EDUTECH, we believe that every School - big or small, every Child - rich or not, should have access to affordable STEAM Education. We are raising tomorrow’s tech-savvy workforce by providing access to high-value STEAM activities and digital tech training at the best possible price point.

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Our Programs

The flexibility of our programs allows prospective clients engage our services irrespective of their level and size. Our Client-support Executives will assist you in finding the right implementation option- either as a corporate or individual.


In-School STEAM Academy/Facilitation

The success of every child as a citizen and worker of the 21st century will be dependent on their ability to think critically, solve problems, collaborate, and adapt. Our STEAM-based in-school courses open pupils up to these skills and bring abstract classroom concepts to life.

1,250+ Students Engaged

11 Schools Nationwide


Teacher Professional Development Training

Teachers need to be given regular training opportunities in order to stay at the top of their game. Our PDT content addresses a range of critical teaching practices that help to strengthen pedagogical skills and build relationships with students.

Local & International Expert Trainers

Pragmatic Approach


Competitions and Educational Travels

Healthy competitions and educational travels are necessary for the social, intellectual and creative development of every child. We organize STEAM competitions and educational tours in a fun and interactive way that encourages collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and innovation.

Local and International Travels

STEAM-focused Events


Our unconventional leadership sets up every team member to self-identify with our vision to make the next generation globally competitive citizens.


'Joba Niyi


Joba is a technocrat whose vision for a globally competitive Africa through STEAM Education is gaining momentum among many educators and parents in Nigeria and beyond. He currently leads the organization, and loves to be in the classroom.


Akinyemi Daniel

Group Head

Dan is a tech enthusiast with unique leadership and relationship skills. He presently coordinates the syncronization of the various departments and programs. He also takes pleasure to developing hands-on biology/science activities for kids.


Diedre Weary

Teacher Trainer/Advisor

Dee is a professional STEM Educator with more than 7 years’ experience in the U.S and Asia. She is a certified STEM Instructor from Northern Illinois University and is also the Principal Consultant for Diedre Weary STEM Consultancy Inc.



“ The last summer training at with SMOG EDUTECH was filled with interesting activities in Physical Computing. To my surprise, we were able to design an automated fan and build a water dispenser. we just didn't learn how to code but also how to link them to upcoming realities. The training was filled with long lasting memories. ”


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Personalized Learning

Hands-on | Activity-based engagements

High Quality at Best Price in Nigeria

ISTE and NGSS standard courses

Expert American Advisors

Sound Instructors


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