Educational Technology and STEM to the Core

We are creating a convergence of educational technology and STEM pedagogy that will finally realize a grand vision for STEM education in Africa.

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iLEEKO is a solution package for schools to effectively transition from traditional learning to a top-notch blended learning environment.

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Our Programs

Our STEM programs have been meticulously crafted to provide quality experiences for both teachers and students.


In-School STEM Support

A successful STEM program needs skillful and dedicated experts. We provide consultation, ready-to-go STEM curriculum and lesson plans, and offer supplementary training to K-12 students. We handle the rigors that come with running a quality STEM program so you can focus on what matters.

1,250+ Students Engaged

11 Schools Nationwide



Teaching STEM requires an innovative learning environment, solid content knowledge and great psychology. Develop STEM best practices that put science, technology, engineering, and math into action so that your students will be inspired and well-grounded.

500+ Teachers trained

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Competitions and Educational Travels

Healthy competitions and educational travels are necessary for the social, intellectual, and creative development of every child. Challenge your creativity and critical thinking. Explore, widen your horizon, and get inspired in this STEM-ruled world.

Local and International Travels

STEM-focused Events


"The secret to getting there is to know where you’re going."


'Joba Niyi


Joba is a serial technopreneur whose vision for a globally competitive Africa is contagious. He is a School Turnaround and STEM specialist, respectively. He loves the classroom.


Nnamaka John


John oversees the cultivation, development and management of all technology, innovation and curriculum research activities within the organization. He is a mind-transformation advocate.


Diedre Weary


Dee is a certified STEM Educator from Northern Illinois University, USA, with more than 7 years’ experience in the U.S, China, and Taiwan. She is the Principal of Diedre Weary STEM Consulting.


Bolaji Dahunsi

“ My training with SMOG was filled with interesting activities in physical computing and electronics. I was able to design and build an automated water dispenser. I’m inspired. ”


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ISTE and NGSS standard courses

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