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From a deluge of job openings to new university programs, Data Science has become a hot topic in both industry and academia. But if Data Science is so important, why wait until a student enters university to introduce them to the subject? In addition, Data Science is a way to show how computing engages with society, and it has the potential to generate interesting and surprising results. It therefore offers a channel to interest whole new groups of students in computing.

Plus, children are natural data scientists! Children naturally argue about who was the greatest quarterback of all time, the most successful singer, or which chain has the best pizza. These questions quickly shift to data: a child will point out that athlete X won more trophies than athlete Y, but her friend will argue that Y won their trophies in a shorter length of time. Perhaps Kiki’s Pizza Barn is rated higher than Bob’s Pizza Warehouse, but Bob’s is much less expensive. As students argue which choice is best, they naturally shift to “which definition of best is most accurate.” As they become more politically involved or career-conscious, they want to know whether a law is racist, or whether the outcomes of going to a particular college justify the extra student loans. In a world that is data-rich, it is highly important to begin to teachmiddle and high school kids how to visualize, analyze and deduce results from large data.


This new course will appeal to the data scientist in every child from age 10+. In this course, they will learn: • Data Visualization Basics • Data Analysis Basics • How to use spreadsheets • And many more

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Joba Niyi

A professional STEAM Educator with international certification and years of classroom experience.

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