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Schedule: In-Classroom: 40mins | Club: 90mins

The BBC micro:bit is the perfect way to start kids coding and making. Designed with the BBC for kids ages 9 and up, the micro:bit gets them hands-on with hardware while also teaching creative problem-solving skills.

During this practical course, children will be introduced to micro-controller programming, by writing code to control the MicroBit’s 25 individually-programmable LED’s and the 2 programmable buttons. In addition, they will create projects that take advantage of the MicroBit’s light and temperature sensors, motion sensors (accelerometer and compass), and perform wireless communication through the radio and Bluetooth interfaces.


Specifically, attendees will be able to attempt coding challenges that will teach them to: • Manipulate, display and scroll strings • Show images and animations • Create loops and repeat code blocks • Respond to device button presses • Combine Selection and Iteration in detecting button presses • Implement more complex Selection (“and” and “or” combinations, nested Selection) • … And much more

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Course Instructor


Joba Niyi

A professional STEAM Educator with international certification and years of classroom experience.

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